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After expressing her desire to play the Indian poker game Teen Patti with fellow Bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, Indian superstar Sunny Leone now wants to do the same with Indian smartphone users. The Bollywood celebrity has collaborated with Gamiana, a game development company, to launch her own trademarked Sunny Leone Teen Patti application.

Teen Patti with Sunny Leone will be available via Google Play from 3rd December.

Since it is one of the few celebrity-branded mobile games, Sunny Leone Teen Patti combines a couple of India’s popular hobbies: Teen Patti and Bollywood. The game gives players a chance to play numerous Teen Patti variations, create private tables for their unique play sessions, and trade unique gifts with other players online. It is also possible for players to earn Sunny Leone digital collectables as they improve their levels. 

Sunny Leone says that she loves her fans and always looks forward to interacting with them. She said that she has noticed many of her fans playing Teen Patti on their mobile phones, so she is excited about the idea of creating a fantastic casino game specifically for them. Sunny collaborated with Gamiana to create a place where she could visit her friends and fans online. She wants the application to be elegant, a little flirtatious and imbued with a sense of humor. She hopes her fans will come to play with her on the Teen Patti with Sunny Leone online casino game.

According to the CEO of Gamiana, they wanted to create a Teen Patti game that is a reminder of the glitz and glamour players have experienced in Las Vegas and Macau. At the same time, they wanted to provide a contemporary Bollywood feel that would set the bar for Teen Patti games on smartphone platforms.

Teen Patti is considered an Indian version of poker. It is popular in India, something that Leone and Gamiana believe will be utilized to create a game that will be a hit with consumers.

A Reminder on How to Play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is typically played by 3 to 6 players and uses a 52-card pack without the joker. In comparison to other poker-type games, Teen Patti begins by putting down a bet. There has to be a fixed amount in place that the players are willing to bet before the cards being distributed. After a player has placed a bet, a boot amount is collected from each player, and three cards are dealt facedown. The boot amount is the minimum amount of cash at stake, which is kept inside the pot. The pot then sits in the middle of the table.

Once the players and the dealers are dealt their cards, the next step is to make a call or a raise. If you have played poker games before playing Teen Patti, you must be aware of these terms. To make the call means that the player will continue in the game but won’t raise his bet, whereas making a raise means that the bettor will be adding real cash to the pot, thereby risking a win or loss more than the first bet.

But it must be noted that betting on Teen Patti is not comparable to poker. In Teen Patti, you are required to make every bet in equal amounts, meaning that once a player makes a bet of two coins with another player placing for the previous, the player will have to place additional coins instead of just the earlier two.

As the game continues to progress, the cash amount starts to grow, and the person who stays in the game until the completion of the hand and has the best hand or the highest hand wins. It is decided on the cards ranking from highest to the lowest.

A Couple of Rules in Teen Patti 

  • The ranking of hands determines the winning sequence

The dealt hands should have a sequence that is right above any other sequences in the series. This series is quite similar to that used in poker. It includes the higher-end sequences such as the trail to the lower rank sequences such as the high cards.

  • Dealing of cards

Teen Patti rules incorporate a dealer who deals three cards to every player at the table. It is performed in a counter clockwise manner. The player to the left of the dealer initiates the beginning of the round.

Final Thoughts

Teen Patti is a highly engaging game when played offline, but the excitement goes up a level when played online. When you combine Teen Patti with Bollywood, the result is a cultural win that is guaranteed to be very engaging to Indian players. Additionally, a Sunny Leone-themed Teen Patti game will be visually mesmerizing and very entertaining for fans.

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