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One of the great aspects of Teen Patti is the fact that this is a game you can play for your entire life and never get bored of it. The reason for this is because there are many different variations that you can go on to play after you have mastered how to play the basic version of Teen Patti.

With many available, you can keep playing Teen Patti, but use the different variations and rules to change things up when you want to give yourself a slightly different challenge.

If you are a new player then getting the basics right first is the most important part for you, the variations will come at a later date and really add to your experience as a Teen Patti player. For those who are ready to move onto other Teen Patti variations then this page is packed full of different versions of the game that you can play.

Some of these have very small differences and are easy to pick up and play because many of the rules are the same as the basic version of the game. Others are a little more complicated, and while you are still playing Teen Patti, it certainly isn’t the Teen Patti that we all know and love, it is something completely new and exciting.

Here are the Teen Patti variations that you can enjoy if you want something different.


Perhaps the most commonly played variation of Teen Patti is Mufliss. This game is also known by the name Lowball and works very similar to standard Teen Patti, so ideal for those looking to find their first variation.

The exception with Mufliss is that the ranking of the hands is reversed, so essentially you are looking for a high card to win the game, a trio or trail, is now regarded as the worst hand in the game. Also, normal Teen Patti uses the highest card to split players if they both have the same hand, Mufliss uses the lowest card.

Sudden Death

In this version of the game, all of the cards in a standard deck are shuffled out to the players. Then, you put the cards between your finger and thumb and begin to drop them one by one. This continues until one of the other players in the game shouts ‘stop’.

At this point, the players form their best possible hand from the cards they have remaining in their hand to see who wins the game.


Just like the name tells you, the aim of this Teen Patti variation is to get as close to 999 as possible. The player who does this wins the game, with the suits being irrelevant and the royal cards count for 0.

You can choose the order of your cards, to allow you to get closes to 999. For example, if you have 2-4-9 as your three cards then you can choose to order them 9-4-2 to give you a score of 942. With this in mind, the four 9 cards that are in the pack are the most valuable in the game.

Closest to 555

This game works in the same way as 999 above, but this time you are aiming to get as close to 555 as possible. Like the game above, royal cards count for 0, and you are able to put the cards in any order to give yourself the best chance of wining.

This means that in this version, the number 5 is what is the most important, so look out for these.

Discard One

In this Teen Patti variation, players will be dealt four cards instead of the usual three. From them, they have to put three together to combine and create the best possible hand, discarding the fourth card that you are not going to use. This is played chaal throughout the entire game as players need to see their cards to make the decision of which to discard.

Rotating Jokers

Each player has three cards in this variation, with one open and two closed. The open card is your personal joker, which every player has. As people fold and leave the game, their joker card is available for others to use as they form hands.

The twist here though is that when this happens, and other jokers come into the game for everyone to use, you can no longer use your own joker to make up a hand.

Plus Sign

In this game, each player has three cards plus a further five cards are placed in the centre as joker cards for all to use. These joker cards can have any value, but players have to choose from either the horizontal or vertical lines of the plus sign.

When it comes to a show, you can use the joker cards to your advantage and build up a hand. Remember these cards can have any value, so you can build up a great hand from very little if the cards drop right for you.


In this game, each player has three cards as normal and then on top of that, there are two piles of three cards which are placed in the middle of the table. These piles have one open card and two close.

The piles are available for auction, with each player getting the chance to bid on them before the round starts. Whoever wins the bid gets these cards, and his old cards become a pile on the table, with the winning bid money being added to the pot.

When both piles are sold, the game is played as normal, with the one open card from each of the replaced piles being used as a joker card that anyone on the table can use.

Pack Jack

In this Teen Patti variation, each player has their own three cards with a further three placed in the centre of the table as joker cards. Then, as the game plays out, when a player folds, their three cards become the jokers in the middle of the table for other players to use, replacing the original joker cards that were dealt.

Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen

After players have received their three cards in the Teen Patti variation, there are two rounds of buying jokers. A pre-agreed amount is used to buy the jokers, and this money is then placed in the pot. Any number of players can buy a joker card if they wish.

After this round, a player can buy a joker card from another player, paying the same amount as agree before the start. If anyone does this, that also goes into the pot, so those players will pay double. Jokers from the first round are kept but shared with the player who buys it in the second round.

After this, the game repeats until there is a winner declared.

Lallan Kallan

In this variation you will receive three cards as normal but this time the card that has the odd colour is made your joker. So, two blacks and one red means the red card is your joker. If you have all three cards of the same colour then you are automatically disqualified from the game and have to fold your cards.

The game then continues with each remaining player having a joker card to make up their hand.


The game Stud Teen Patti gives players one face up card and two face down cards that are closed. Those which are face down are known as hole cards while the face up cards are known as street cards.

Other than this element of the game, so you can only see one of your cards, the rules are the same as standard Teen Patti.

Kiss Miss Bliss

In this Teen Patti variation, the dealer gives five cards to every player. From this, you can choose any two of them to make up a joker. There are three types of jokers to make, which are the name of this game, Kiss, Miss and Bliss.

A pair of numbers is called a Bliss, two consecutive numbers is a Kiss and a Miss is a pair but with one number missing from the sequence. Each round, you are able to form just one joker only, one of the remaining cards will then be discarded from the game. This will leave you with two regular cards plus two that form one joker together, giving you your hand of three.

Kissing Missing

This game is very similar to Kiss Miss Bliss above, with four cards dealt so you have two regular cards plus two others that combine together to make a joker. You can create a kissing joker, which is a pair or a missing joker which is two alternate numbers.

If you can’t create this then you must discard one of your cards, so you have three normal cards for the game. This then continues, with everyone playing chaal so they can see their cards.

King Little

This game puts together all the kings as jokers to add something a little different. On top of that, from the three cards you receive from the dealer, the smallest card in your hand also becomes a joker.

This means if you get a king then you will have two jokers in your hand, enabling you the chance to make up a trio by changing them to match the third card in your hand.

One-Eyed Jack

There are two cards to look out for in this variation of Teen Patti and those are the jack of Hearts and the jack of Spades. These are called one-eyed jacks, and whoever gets these cards in the deal can use them as jokers.

The other two jacks, which are Diamonds and Clubs, are regular cards in this game.

Folding Joker

Each player begins this game by receiving four cards from the dealer, one of those is kept separately to the rest and unseen. When you create a hand, you cannot use the separate card. From the other three, one card is show to all players and that becomes a joker for all players.

When anyone folds, the unseen card becomes an additional joker and all previous jokers remain in the game. This means the card shown to everyone is a joker, as well as the separate unseen card that the folding player has. Aside from this, the other rules remain the same.


This variation begins with a pre-agreed bet by all players, which goes into the pot. Each player has three cards with a further three joker cards being left open in the middle of the table. Players then go around the table and state ‘in’ or ‘out’.

Those staying in the game put an additional bet in, if they are playing blind this is 1-2x the ante, if they are playing chaal this is 2-4x the ante. Players who declare themselves out leave the game and their cards replace the previous jokers in the middle of the table. If more than one player remains, the hands are shown and the winner is the player with the best hand at that time.

The game continues then, because the final player will go up against the bank. The dealer picks three random cards, which are put up against the player who remains in. If the player has the better hand, they collect the money from the table, if not, the money remains there for the next game.


This is a variant of the In-Out game above. In the same way, three cards are given to each player and three jokers placed in the middle. Players declare themselves in or out of the game and after this, a temperature card is taken from the deck and put on the table, open so all players can see.

If this card is between A and 6, low hand wins the game, if the card is between 7 and K, high hand wins the game. The other rules for this Teen Patti variation are all the same as the In-Out game above.


In this version of Teen Patti, players get dealt six card and they have to arrange those six cards into three separate hands. The first of these has three cards, the second two cards and the final hand has just one card.

After this, the game begins with betting on the first hand, then the second and lastly the third. To win the game, you must win two or more of the rounds that take place, and when you win at least you, you collect the money that has been accumulated during all three rounds.

If there is no winner, the money remains in the pot for the next round to take place.

2 Cards Open

Each player receives three cards in this variation of the game, two of those are open and face up, while the third card is face down for the player. The normal version of Teen Patti is then played from this point, with the exception that no one can choose to play blind or chaal.

Instead, everyone has to play with two face up cards and one facing down, and make their decisions and bets based on what they see.


This game is mainly known as Cobra, though is also called Maatha by some. Each player gets just one card, and then places an agreed amount in the pot. The card is then place don the forehead of the player, so they cannot see it but the other players can.

Betting takes place and the person who wins is the one with the highest card.

Wild Draw

In Wild Draw the dealer begins by giving each player three cards as normal. He then takes another random card from the deck and puts it on the table face up.

This card becomes a joker for all players to use and form their hands with.


A pre-determined amount of money gets put in the pot to start this game, before the dealer gives each player three cards. At this point, players can choose to discard one of their cards and get a new one. This is something you can do regardless of whether you are playing blind or chaal.

To replace, you need to put the pre-determined amount in the pot again. You can replace three cards in each round, but each time you do so, you must pay into the pot again.

High-Low Split

In this game, there are two winners of the pot, the player with the highest hand and the one with the lowest hand. There are two ways to play it, known as declaration and cards speak.

In declaration, you must declare which hand you are going for, either the highest or lowest hand. In cards speak, you don’t declare, and can be in contention for either pot.

Three rounds of betting must take place before players are allowed to fold in this game. The number of rounds is agreed beforehand, then the show takes place.

Several players are allowed to take part in this show, which determines the two pot winners.


This is another game that has two variations, one with three cards and one with five cards.

In three card, players are dealt two face down cards and one face up card, this face up card is known as the community card.

In five card community, players get two face down cards and then three face up cards. From those three face up cards, they have to select two cards, plus one of the face down cards, to complete their hand.

On top of this, three face up community cards will be placed in the middle of the table. You can use these to replace any of your own cards, which is what makes this version similar to types of poker.


This game is mainly played with standard Teen Patti rules, though one difference comes and this is based on joker cards.

In this game, the ace, king, 4 and 7 cards are all joker cards and can be used to substitute a missing card or suit when you are putting your hand together.

Odd Sequence

This game works in exactly the same way as traditional Teen Patti, but for one exception and that is how you form your sequences.

For this game, you need to have alternate cards to form your sequence, rather than those that are directly next to each other. This means have 5-7-9 rather than 7-8-9 for example, which adds a different twist to the game.


The Banko version of Teen Patti is very different, with each player playing the game alone when it is their turn. First you pay an agreed amount to the pot and then the dealer gives you two face up cards on the table.

You have to bet if the next card will be within those numbers or not. If right, you stay in the game, if wrong, you’re out. The game will continue until there is just one player left in the game and when that happens, the winning player takes the pot.

High Wild

This is a variation of Teen Patti that creates jokers for you to use. The lowest value card in your hand instantly becomes a joker and on top of that, the other cards that have the same value also become jokers.

For example, if you have 2-2-6 then both of your 2 cards become jokers, so you are able to substitute them into a 6 and have a trio.

Pairs Are Jokers

This game begins with seven cards being dealt to each player. If you receive a pair from this, they are used as jokers in the game. If you want to continue playing, you must have at least one pair, if you don’t get a pair then you have to fold.

When it comes to the show, you can use the cards you have to form the best hand and try to win the game. 

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