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There are many ways to play Teen Patti thanks to online gaming, which has aided the game to grow even further over the past decade. However you play though, understanding the Teen Patti rules is vital to success. This may essentially be a game of chance, but knowing how the game works, what you need to do and what you need to watch out for is all incredibly important for your success.

As a new player, you really should be dedicating time to learning the rules and working out exactly how to play Teen Patti. This will really assist you in growing as a player as you get games under your belt. For further reading, here is a look at the Teen Patti rules to get you started so you can begin your learning of this wonderful game.

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Understanding the Teen Patti Rules

The game of Teen Patti is a game of chance and luck, with a little skill involved. There will be occasions when new players can go through a game and win, without really knowing and understanding how they won or what they did to win.

This is not something you want, rather than that, you should be aiming to understand the Teen Patti sequence and what it takes to win, and where you finish compared to others in the game.

Teen Patti Sequence

If you want to watch or play in a game and understand everything that each player has with their cards, and who wins and loses, then understanding the Teen Patti sequence is where you need to start.

The aim of the game is to have the best Teen Patti sequence of all players, which is essentially the same as a game of poker, where you also need to find the best sequence. These sequences are ranked, with the best being what is called a trail or trio and below that we get to a variety of different hands that all have their ranking. They stretch to the bottom sequence, which is simply having a high card, if you have this, you will be in trouble as a player.

When it comes to the cards themselves, ace is the highest, so for example a trio of aces is the best hand you can have in the game and the Teen Patti sequence that not one else can beat. If someone else has three cards of the same suit too for a trio, you would win as having the higher trio.

Ranking of Teen Patti Sequences

Here are the hands you can get in this game in order of best to worst, so you know what to look out for.

·         A trio or trail – the best hand in the game, three cards of the same number

·         A straight run – a run of numbers that follow each other and are also the same suit

·         A normal run – a run of number again, but this time it can be a mixture of suits

·         A flush – three cards which are of the same suit and colour, regardless of their order

·         A pair – two cards of the same number with any other card as the third

·         High card – the last and worst hand, simply your highest card in the hand

The Dealer

In each game, there is a nominated dealer who will hand the cards out. This person will hand out three cards to each player who is participating in the game. The rules say that this must be done starting with the player who is next to the dealer and moving in an anti-clockwise direction. This is how you truly deal out the cards according to the 3 Patti rules.

Teen Patti Rules for Playing Blind and Looking at Cards

When it comes to looking at the Teen Patti rules, there are two options which you have in front of you. You can either play blind, which means you are essentially playing the game without looking at the cards you are dealt, or you are able to play by looking at your cards.

The decision on which way you go with this, according to the Teen Patti rules is to call it after all players have put an equal amount into the pot to start the game. The steps you go on, based on the decisions made, will detail how the game is played out and understanding this part of the game is one of the most important aspects of understanding Teen Patti rules.

Betting on Teen Patti

When it comes to adding more funds and staking in the game, this is determined by those who go in the two spots before you, the player going directly before you and the one before them. If they are playing blind then the stakes remain exactly as those that the game started with, or if a player wants to, they can be doubled.

If the player who is two places in front of you is not playing blind, the one directly behind them, which is the one directly in front of you, can either go standard stakes or half their stake. If both go in blind, you choice is to go in with the same or to play at twice the current stake.

The bets on your game will continue to go around the table, following standard Teen Patti rules, and this goes on until all players except for one have folded, the player left is the winner and takes the pot.

The Different Versions of Teen Patti

When you are learning the Teen Patti rules, there is one important aspect to remember. We have many variations of this game and the reason they are all different to each other is because of the rules. To play the different versions, you need to know the specific Teen Patti rules that are in place for that particular variation.

The best place to start with this is to look at the basic version of Teen Patti, learn the rules of it and gain some experience. Then when you are ready to move on, find a variation that interests you and learn the rules of that game. Be sure to look at the Teen Patti sequences for the games too, so you know if they are worked out differently and you need to do something else to win.

One of the really great aspects of this game is the ability to move onto different formats of Teen Patti and keep things fresh, rather than sticking to the same game and the same rules. It is for this reason why many people stick with Teen Patti and never move onto other card games. This is great, but make sure you go carefully, learning the Teen Patti rules for each format before you jump in and begin playing, otherwise you may find yourself getting very confused.

Why Learning Teen Patti Rules is Important

So, you’re ready to begin playing Teen Patti and you want to get going with this game of skill and chance. Why do you need to learn the rules, when much of the game is self-explanatory and based on chance?

The reason for this is so you can keep calm, collected and bet in the right way during games. If you fully understand the rules and you know what Teen Patti sequence you need to be aiming for then you will be able to stay level headed and calm during play. This will mean you are able to think carefully about your bets, you will be able to make informed decisions and not either rush or panic when it comes to upping your wagers, which could potentially cost you money.

The game gets compared to poker a lot and it is easy to see why. The cards fall as they do, and will decide if you win or lose, so in many ways, it is the cards and not your skill that determines the wins. However, your knowledge and skill and being able to remain cool in the game will help you bet correctly and pick up on everything that is happening within the game, and how each of the players are performing.

It is for this reason that anyone looking to take Teen Patti playing seriously, and those who are looking to play for a long time, should really ensure they fully understand the rules of the game. This means knowing the Teen Patti sequences that win games, understand the basic game itself and then eventually branching off and learning the rules of the different variations that appeal to you.

Get all of this under your belt as a new player and you will be able to perform better, give yourself a better chance of understanding and following the game and ultimately, have a better chance of winning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Teen Patti rules are actually fairly easy to learn. Many people consider Teen Patti to be a simplified version of Poker, therefore a less daunting game to learn. Once you have the basics learned you can progress on to playing the different variations of Teen Patti.

All Teen Patti games consist of many elements which don’t change. However, depending on your preference there are lots of different versions to play, all of which have slightly different rules. 

Many people tend to learn the rules to Teen Patti from their friends or family when growing up. Although, now we are in a digital age it can be much easier to digest the rules online. You can find the rules right here on Teenpatticash.com.

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