Is Teen Patti Legal in India?

All you need to know about the laws of India's favourite card game.

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Legality of Teen Patti

When it comes to the law, here is what we know and what is clear.

          It is illegal for someone to setup a gambling venue in India

          It is illegal to visit a gambling venue in India

There is also a split between games of skill and games of chance. The exact wording is this:

‘gambling includes any activity or undertaking whose determination is controlled or influenced by chance or accident, or any activity or undertaking which is entered into or undertaken with a consciousness or the risk of winning or losing.’

While people may use skill to know when to bet and when to fold, what types of move to make in certain Teen Patti variations and more, others would say the game was purely based on chance and the cards you are dealt.

There is no definition of Teen Patti in law, it very much falls into the grey area right in the middle of being a game of skill and a game of chance, because it probably is both.

Historically, there is hope for those who want Teen Patti legal in India. Back in 1968, it was declared by the country that the game rummy was a skill-based game, and those playing it could not be punished.

Rummy is a different game to Teen Patti, so this does not definitively clear things up, but it certainly gives hope to those who enjoy playing Teen Patti.

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