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Teen Patti invites a snug circle of 3 to 6 pals, all gathered tight, sharing nothing but a traditional pack of 52 cards – forget about using any Jokers in this game! To get the ball rolling, each friend chips in their share to the boot amount, marking the level of stakes they’re all happy with. This bundle of treasure then lands right at the centre of the table, marking the beginning of some genuine excitement.

Main Rules

  • Ranking of the hands in determining the winning sequence

The dealt hands should have a sequence that is right above any other sequences in the series. This series is quite comparable to what is observed in poker. It includes the higher ranks sequences such as the trail to the lower ranks’ sequences such as high cards.

  • Dealing cards

Teen Patti rules incorporate a dealer who deals three cards to every player assembled at the table. This is performed in a counterclockwise manner. The player to the dealer’s left initiates the beginning of the round.

  • Playing blind or playing seen

Players have the opportunity to play blind, which means they didn’t look at their dealt cards. They didn’t even look at their cards before playing. This is undertaken after an initial amount is collected equally from every player and accumulated at the pot.

  • Value of stake to be determined

The rules of Teen Patti can get a bit complicated at this point. The stake’s value will depend on whether the player and the previous player have been playing blind or not. If the current and previous player is playing blind, the stake value remains the same as the present value deposited at the pot and can be doubled. If the previous player is playing seen, then the current player can go with half the stake value of the last player or the current staked value. If both players are not playing blind, then the current stake value remains the same or can be doubled as well. If only the previous player is playing blind, that value is doubled or can be increased fourfold.

  • Folding or showing of cards

The betting will continue until all except one player folds in their cards. This last player will finally win the entire pot of money. However, if all players fold except for two, one can challenge the other for a show. The state values are different depending on if the current player and the previous player are playing blind or not.

Can You Cheat at Teen Patti Online?

A critical question that many who adore this game are asking is if it is possible to cheat in this game. There is more than one way to answer this question. The following are several tips that can help you increase your chances of winning if you are playing online.

Bet small and steady. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing all your money.

  • Study your opposition and look at the patterns.
  • Avoid playing with players who play in a group.
  • Do not bet too quickly when you have good cards and do not always fold too soon when you don’t get good cards. Bottom line – don’t be very expressive and easy to read.
  • Do not play multiple games on the same table because others may have been observing your pattern.
  • If it’s not your day and you’re not being dealt good cards, try variations
  • You may use the chat feature to bluff other players.
  • Keep playing the game to master it.
  • Choose a casino like Betjungle who will give you a free ₹500 to practice with.

Can you utilize cheat codes to win at Teen Patti online? 

These are what expert players have to say:

  • There is no way you can get cheat codes into the game. The game is being played on developers’ servers, and you are accessing it through the application. Making changes in the game will require you to hack into the servers, which is neither easy nor even legal. Try to play the game as it is meant to be, or there may be consequences if you are caught cheating.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to cheat online with Teen Patti. It exists on the developer’s server. Having the means to hack the server is not that easy. However, there are versions of Teen Patti which happen to be on private servers which are already modified. You can search on Google for this.
  • There is no chance of getting a cheat code for Teen Patti as it is an online game. Online games typically have their servers continuously checking the game. There is ultimately no chance to utilize cheat codes even if you try downloading some hacks, and if it worked, they would end up banning your IP, profile or account. It is in your best interest to play without cheating.

Final Thoughts

Teen Patti is a highly addictive game similar to 3 cards brag in the West. You can play it offline with friends and family and even online with anonymous players. There is a legal way to win the game, which is using your wits and strategy. But if you intend to utilize cheat codes in an online Teen Patti game, there might be repercussions for you, and things might not go all too well.

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